Propagate changes from one platform to another; replicate data across systems; implement Change Data Capture with replay capability and logging.

The Challenge

Cloud data replication and chroreography is hard.

Replicating data stored across disparate systems can be complex and expensive and usually requires building batch ETL jobs that are executed on a schedule. Modifying ETL jobs can be very hard and lengthy, and often requires the purchase of additional ODBC drivers.

The Solution

Change Data Capture for a hosted infrastructure.

Instead of using a batch process approach ENZO allows organizations to build a more dynamic, event-driven integration model. The replication mechanism provided by ENZO includes full cross system replication and Change Data Capture with multicast and replay capabilities. Companies can now decouple their integration logic into a pub/sub model to gain the flexibility needed to add, change, retire or enhance business processes.


Copy and Initial Sync

Copy a complete initial set of data from
a source system into any supported destination system
to create a snapshot of the source data.

Change Data Capture

Replicate data from a source system
to any number of destination systems with
optional payload filtering to keep systems in sync.

Replay Changes

Replay changes captured from a source system
to individual destination systems
in case of data loss or recovery.

Ready to get started?

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